Ares Games and Igrology announce the dates of the crowdfunding campaign to fund Orconomics 2nd Edition, a board game for two to five players that brings the chaotic economic world of modern Orcs to the gaming table. The project will launch on Kickstarter on February 23rd, 2021, ending on March, 12th.

In the warm-up to the Kickstarter launch, Ares and Igrology are running a Giveaway Contest on Gleam until February 22nd, with two copies of the Premium KS Edition of Orconomics as prize.

Orconomics 2nd Edition: the cut-throat economic board game.

Orconomics is an economic game like no other, with its peculiar setting: backstabbing, ripping off opponents, taking away their industries - all is legit to get to the top of the Orc jet-set. They compete to establish companies in ten different industrial sectors. Each sector generates income or losses, and grants players abilities that can be used during the game. To win the game, a player needs to be the first to found 10 companies on the game board or sometimes even less if they successfully fulfill some business quests of Greed, Rage or Dare!

Designed and developed by Economicus LTD and Igrology, Orconomics was first published in 2018 in Russia. Its Second Edition will be published and distributed worldwide by Ares Games.

For more information about Orconomics 2nd Edition and the crowdfunding campaign, follow the game’s page on Facebook and here. The game is also available for playing online for free on Tabletopia. To be notified when the project goes live, would-be backers can register on the pre-launch page on Kickstarter.

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