Encyclopaedia Arcana: the definitive Lex Arcana setting. compendium.

Following the release of the Lex Arcana Core Rulebook in December 2020, two new volumes for the roleplaying game are now shipping to distributors and will start to hit the stores from January 22nd: Lex Arcana Encyclopaedia Arcana and the adventure book Mysteries of the Empire I. The English version of the best-selling Italian RPG of all time, published by Quality Games and distributed by Ares Games, brings the unique setting merging history, mythology, and the legends of Ancient Rome.

Encyclopaedia Arcana is the definitive Lex Arcana setting compendium, with innumerable ideas for players, giving them detailed descriptions of the 20 Provinces of the Empire and communication routes connecting them. The 224 pages hardcover volume includes information about the structure of Imperial organization, bureaucracy and legions, details about the Roman culture, economy and society. It also presents a detailed section dedicated to the secrets of divination, magic, and prophecies, and many new maps showing military camps, harbors and other locations.

Mysteries of the Empire I, first adventure book for Lex Arcana.

Mysteries of the Empire I is a collection of all the short adventures with a wide range of dangerous tasks, epic deeds and world-shaking missions perfectly suited for both one shots or as part of something larger, designed and assembled by the Demiurge. The volume includes 10 adventures created by some of best authors in the RPG world, such as Mark Rein Hagen, author of “Vampire the Masquerade RPG” and of all the “World of Darkness”; Francesco Nepitello, author of “The One Ring RPG;” and Gareth Hanrahan, author of the “RuneQuest“ setting, “Traveller Core Rulebook,” and recently also “The One Ring RPG”.

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