Expansions for two games recently release are going to hit the US stores starting from July 31st: the Solo Mode Expansion for Freedom! and the Deep and Avatar Expansions for the sci-fi survival horror dungeon crawler Alone.

Freedom Solo Mode: play as the Empire, against the besieged played by A.I..

The Freedom Solo Mode expansion allows you to play as the Ottoman forces, while the Messolonghi besieged is played by A.I., reacting to what the human player will be doing. The A.I., through a flowchart spelling out various cases that will explain what to do in each case, during the play, will act at the best for the Freedom Fighters, trying to resist to the enemy siege. During the play the insurgent “bot” will draw a normal hand, kept face down.

The two new expansions for Alone increase the options available to the Hero and the Evil players when creating their custom scenarios and allow them to try new approaches to the game. The Deep Expansion presents four Boss Creatures and five Special Creature Cards, while the Avatar Expansion introduces two Heroes and five Avatars.

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