The Kickstarter campaign for the cooperative and solo sci-fi game S.H.E.O.L. ended with €322.064 pledged and 2761 backers, after an epic campaign decided in the final 24 hours. The high funding goal of €300.000 was achieved in the last day, and all final goals were unlocked.

S.H.E.O.L.: successful campaign with its high funding goal achieved.

Developed by a new Italian studio, Lunar Oak, S.H.E.O.L. is set in a unique sci-fi world, shrouded in an eternal night, and mix storytelling, strategy, and amazing miniatures. In the game, Earth has turned from being the realm of man to a place reigned by shadows, and the only bastion of salvation is the Citadel, where the last survivors of humanity found shelter to survive. It is from the Citadel that the Scouts, explorers of the unknown and raiders of the outside world, head out to explore the desolate lands of Sheol in search of resources.

The game is the first project of Lunar Oak Studio on Kickstarter. The company decided to set a realist funding goal, to create and deliver a complete product with high-quality materials and full of content, independently of stretch goals achievement. Ares supported the crowdfunding campaign and will distribute the game in the English-language market when the project fuilfillment will be completed. SHEOL is expected to delivery to backers in October 2021.

Congratulations from Ares to Lunar Oak Studio for their successful first campaign. For more information about S.H.E.O.L. visit the project page on Kickstarter and follow the game page on Facebook.

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