S.H.E.O.L: what's inside the Core Box.

Ares Games announces a collaboration with Italian studio Lunar Oak for their first Kickstarter project, now live: S.H.E.O.L., a fascinating and innovative 1-4 player campaign game, set in a unique sci-fi world shrouded in an eternal night. Ares is supporting the crowdfunding campaign and will distribute the game in the English-language market when the project will be completed. With 15 days to go, S.H.E.O.L. has raised about 60% of its ambitious goal of € 300,000. – watch the Kickstarter video.

In S.H.E.O.L., Earth has turned from being the realm of man to a place reigned by shadows. The only bastion of salvation is the Citadel, where the last survivors of humanity found shelter to survive. It is from the Citadel that the Scouts, explorers of the unknown and raiders of the outside world, head out to explore the desolate lands of Sheol in search of resources.

The Citadel, where the last survivors found shelter to survive.

The game, cooperative and with an emphasis on exploration and combat, is set in a coherent universe where game mechanics and setting are deeply interconnected, in a great mix of storytelling and strategy. It is organized in campaigns subdivided into missions, in which players will have to coordinate their efforts tactically to complete the objectives and defend the central game area (the Citadel) from the enemy invasion.

S.H.E.O.L project on Kickstarter presents two pledge levels: "Core Pledge" (€89), includes the Sheol Game Core Box, containing four miniatures, over 400 cards, game boards and everything else needed to play, plus digital material and the Core Pledge Stretch Goals unlocked during the campaign; and “Scout Pledge” (€129), for the Core rewards plus Land of the Night Miniatures, providing 47 miniatures, including the Citadel, and all Stretch Goals unlocked. The campaign has already unlocked five social goals.

The Scouts' miniatures, included in the Core Pledge.

Lunar Oak is an Italian studio with a long experience in graphic design and printing. This is its first project on Kickstarter, and to ensure a successful outcome, the company chose to set the funding goal at 300k, which will allow to create and deliver a complete product with high-quality materials and full of content right away - stretch goals will only further enrich the game and add new exclusive miniatures, cards, and more.

For more information about the story and gameplay, and to pledge, visit the S.H.E.O.L. page on Kickstarter and follow the game page on Facebook.

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