Masters of the Night enters in the second week on Kickstarter with over 800 backers and $37,000 pledged. Launched on January 14th with an initial funding goal of $25,000, the game is 150% funded and counts six stretch goals unlocked. The campaign will run until February 5th, and the game is due to release in December 2020 in four languages – English, Italian, Polish and Spanish, with various publishing partners.

Masters of the Night: solo and cooperative game.

In Masters of the Night, a Vampire family, just arrived after a long journey in a new, unfamiliar city, is challenged to survive and establish their rule. With the help of minions, loyal servants of the Vampire family, players will fight against the agents of the Inquisition trying to stop them, cast fear into the hearts of the people with their hunts, and shape dread sigils in different city districts, all in preparation of the grand Blood Moon ritual, that will confirm their rule on the city and seal its fate. But the players must not waste time to prepare for the ritual, as their enemies will be searching for them constantly and even vampire magic may not stop them if the “veil” hiding them should drop.

The stretch goals to unlock are decided using the vote of the backers, who can choose between different options, at the same time influencing a "choose your own path"-style story and the rewards in the campaign. The goals unlocked by now add to the game new districts - the Graveyard and Chinatown - new Event cards, a new relic, Glyph Protection, and a set of 9 minion miniatures for the premium edition of the game. The next goal, $38,000, will add six deluxe Vampire Sheets, also for the premium edition.

The project presents three pledge levels: "Minion" ($39), for one copy of the Standard Edition of Masters of the Night, and all unlocked standard stretch goals; " Vampire” ($49), for one copy of the Premium Edition, including all "standard" and "premium" stretch goals, and “Clan” ($135), for three copies of the Premium Edition, each including all "standard" and "premium" stretch goals. Retailers interested on getting the game are invited to contact Ares Games for pledges.

The game is expected to ship to backers in December 2020 from Ares Games’ main warehouse in the USA and from secondary warehouses in Australia, Canada, Germany, and China. No customs charges will apply to backers in Australia, Canada, EU, China and other Asia-Pacific countries, or the US.

For more information about Masters of the Night and to pledge, visit the project on Kickstarter -, check the game’s page on our website and follow the game on Facebook.

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