Four new aircraft are releasing in WW1 Wings of Glory line: Pfalz D.III, Raf SE.5, Rumpler C.IV, and Breguet BR.14, each of them featured in three different versions, are now shipping to distributors and will start to hit the US stores on September, 6th. The new WW1 Airplane Packs will be available in other countries in the following weeks.

Breguet BR.14, flown by Escadrille Br 111.

The new series presents the fighters Raf SE.5, in versions flown by “Billy” Bishop, Roderic Dallas and James McCudden, and Pfalz D.III, piloted by Rudolf Berthold, Max Holtzem and Werner Voss, and the two-seaters Breguet BR.14 flown by Escadrille Br 111, Audinot/Hellouin De Cénival, and Gilbert Stanley/H.T. Folger, and Rumpler C.IV used by the units Luftstreitkräfte FA7 (serial number 8231) and Luftstreitkräfte FA(A) 235 (serial number 8256), and Lt.Ziegert's plane.

For more information and images, visit the WW1 Airplane Packs page.

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