The reprint of War of the Ring Second Edition and its first expansion Lords of Middle-earth are now available in Ares' warehouse and shipping to distributors. These two products will be soon in stores - if you were waiting the reprint, ask your retailer to order a copy.

In the Sword & Sorcery line, several items which were sold out are also coming back this month: the Hero Packs Samyria, Kroghan, Morrigan and Ryld, the Ghost Soul Heroes Set, and the accessories Doors & Chests, Metal Coins and Critical Hits Cloth Bag. The reprint of the expansion Arcane Portal is expected to be available in November 2019.

For more information about the upcoming games and reprints, check our Upcoming, Available, Out-of-Stock Products.

An update on the production status of the Collector's Edition of The Battle of Five Armies will be posted to next week.

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