Vastaryous' Lair, the final campaign expansion for the "Immortal Souls" cycle of Sword & Sorcery is now shipping to distributors and will start to hit the US stores from June 20th, together with its last two Hero Packs, Volkor and Skeld. These expansions will be available in our countries in the following weeks.

Vastaryous' Lair: the huge five–headed dragon, Vastaryous, ending the Immortal Souls campaign.

Vastaryous' Lair is a complete expansion with four epic Quests. Players will fight the fierce Orc Tribes of Black Queen Island, overwhelm the Drakonic guards who protects the lair of the great wyrm, and prepare to fight the five-headed dragon in the fiery depths of its abode. The new Hero Packs add two new characters to the game - Volkor and Skeld. Volkor is a Drakonian guard struck by a mystical energy flux from a dying archmage. He can be played as either a Dragonflame or a Dragonheart. Skeld is a dwarf who became a legend thanks to his savage spirit. He can be played as a Berserker or a Slayer.

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