Final production samples of Tripods & Triplanes Starter Set - Kickstarter (yellow box) and retail editions, card holders (included only in KS version) and the four Tripod Packs.

Wings of Glory - Tripods & Triplanes, the new stand-alone game that brings the Martian invasion - described by H.G. Wells in his novel ‘The War of the Worlds’ - to the Wings of Glory game, is finally in the homestretch to launch: the mass production of all components will be completed next week, and assembly is in progress. The game should ship from the factory soon and is expected to release in June, after the Kickstarter fulfillment.

People attending the convention Salute, in London, this Saturday (April 6th) will have the chance of playing the game at table GC 11, hosted by the Shadow Warriors, using final production components.

Tripods & Triplanes was successfully funded with a Kickstarter campaign in December 2017, and it's finally close to release, after some delays due to production issues. Now, everything has been mass-produced and approved by the quality control, and the game is being assembled, to ship first to Kickstarter backers, then to the best hobby stores around the world.

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