S&S Immortal Souls: Chinese edition

Ares Games is glad to announce three new international editions for Sword & Sorcery: “Immortal Souls”, the core set of the epic-fantasy cooperative board game.

Following two years of success in multiple editions, the game will soon be published in Chinese, by Planplay, in French, by Intrafin; and in Polish, by Galakta.

These new editions are planned to be available this Summer, and the various partners are committed to support them with several expansions in the coming months.

S&S Immortal Souls - French edition

In addition to the English edition, published and distributed by Ares since 2017, Sword & Sorcery is already translated in five languages: German (Asmodee GmbH), Italian (Devir Italia), Portuguese (Devir Livraria), Russian (GaGa Games) and Spanish (Devir Iberia).

The first expansion, Arcane Portal, is already published in German, Italian and Spanish, and the second one, Darkness Falls, is also coming soon in these three languages.

The various language partners are responsible for the localization of the game - creatnig the rulebook, cards and other game materials' translation into their own languages - and they will also handle the distribution of the local editions.

For more information about the game in your language, check the websites of each individual publisher:

S&S Immortal Souls - Polish Edition

The release schedules of expansions in the various languages have not been announced yet.

To learn more about Sword & Sorcery line, click here for the section dedicated to the game.

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