Pfalz D.III, coming this Summer in the Wings of Glory line.

Following the reprint of the first series of WW1 Wings of Glory Airplane Packs (featuring new versions for the Spad XIII, Sopwith Camel, Albatros D.V and Fokker Dr.I) four new aircrafts will be added to the game this Summer - Pfalz D.III, Raf SE.5, Rumpler C.IV, and Breguet BR.14. The WW1 Wings of Glory section is now updated with information and images of these upcoming models.

The German fighter Pfalz D.III will be featured with models piloted by Rudolf Berthold, Max Holtzem and Werner Voss, and the Allied Raf SE.5 with “Billy” Bishop, Roderic Dallas and James McCudden airplanes.

One of the two-seaters Breguet BR.14.

The packs of the German two-seaters Rumpler C.IV will present models used by the units Luftstreitkräfte FA7 (serial number 8231) and Luftstreitkräfte FA(A) 235 (serial number 8256), and FA 209 Lt.Ziegert's plane, while the French Breguet BR.14 will come in versions flown by Escadrille Br 111, by the French airmen Audinot and Hellouin De Cénival, and by Gilbert Stanley and H.T. Folger, from the U.S. 96th Squadron.

Visit the WW1 Airplane Packs page for the full range of WW1 Wings of Glory models.

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