Red Baron's new Fokker Dr.I

Several new models are coming in the WW1 Wings of Glory line in April 2019, releasing together with Tripods & Triplanes game: four aircrafts - Spad XIII, Sopwith Camel, Albatros D.V e Fokker Dr.I - will get new versions, while the rocket-armed Nieuport 16 debuts in the game.

The first series of airplane packs of WW1 Wings of Glory, currently out of the stock, was reprinted and refreshed by new versions of each aircraft. The SPAD XIII is back with Eddie Rickenbacker's model plus the airplanes flown by René P. Fonck and Fernand Henri Chavannes; the Sopwith Camel with William Barker and two new pilots - Otto Kissenberth and Donald Roderick Maclaren; the Albatros D.Va presents Ernest Udet's plane and the new models of Rudolf Weber and Manfred von Richthofen; and the Fokker Dr.I, with three new versions - “Fritz” Kempf, Paul Bäumer, and a revised and more historically accurate color scheme for the popular Red Baron's airplane.

Nieuport 16 piloted by Albert Ball.

The Nieuport 16 makes its debut in WW1 Wings of Glory line. It comes in two models: Jean Navarre's Ni.16, included in the Tripods & Triplanes Starter Set, and Albert Ball's plane, featured in an Airplane Pack. The release of these airplanes is timed with the release of Tripods & Triplanes game: they can be used to fight the giant alien fighting machines, but they can as well be played in historical scenarios.

A new series of WW1 Airplane Packs is already in the pipeline, to release in summer 2019, introducing the Pfalz D.IIIa, Raf SE.5, Rumpler C.IV, and Breguet BR.14 A2. More information will be unveiled soon.

For the full range of WW1 Wings of Glory models, visit the WW1 Airplane Packs page.

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