Ares Games and Dire Wolf Digital announce a license agreement to bring the Wings of Glory tabletop games to digital. Dire Wolf Digital will work on a game to bring the exciting dogfights of Ares’ best-selling aerial combat system to PCs, phones and tablets.

Dire Wolf Digital: projects of digital adaptations of tabletop games include Wings of Glory.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Dire Wolf Digital is an experienced independent game studio. A few years ago, the company started a partnership with Renegade Game Studios to bring their suite of tabletop titles to digital, developing the digital editions of “Lanterns: The Harvest Festival” and “Lotus”, and now is expanding its projects of digital adaptations of tabletop games – in addition to “Wings of Glory”, Dire Wolf is announcing new partnerships for “Mage Knight”, “Root”, “Sagrada”, “Yellow & Yangtze”, and “Raiders of the North Sea.”

“At Dire Wolf Digital, we believe in making fun strategy games that are accessible to everyone. And we can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are to bring this roster of amazing tabletop games to digital players around the world. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do”, said Scott Martins, president of Dire Wolf Digital.

“We are glad to announce this partnership with Dire Wolf Digital to take the Wings of Glory game experience to electronic devices. It’s something our existing players asked for, and we believe it will be a great asset to introduce our game system to new players”, commented Roberto Di Meglio, director of production of Ares Games.

More details about the digital adaptations of Wings of Glory by Dire Wolf will be unveiled in the coming months.

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