Three new products are coming soon in the Sword & Sorcery line to complete the "Immortal Souls" cycle: two Hero Packs, Volkor and Skeld, and the final campaign expansion Vastaryous' Lair. They are due to release in March 2019.

Vastaryous' Lair: the huge five–headed dragon, Vastaryous, ending the Immortal Souls campaign.

Vastaryous' Lair represents the climax of the Immortal Souls campaign. The Heroes can finally reach the highest Soul Rank, and empowered with new legendary powers and equipment they will engage in battle with a huge five–headed dragon, Vastaryous.

The new Hero Packs add two new characters to the game - Volkor and Skeld. Volkor is a Drakonian guard struck by a mystical energy flux from a dying archmage. He can be played as either a Dragonflame or a Dragonheart. Skeld is a dwarf who became a legend thanks to his savage spirit. He can be played as a Berserker or a Slayer.

For more information about these upcoming products, visit the Sword & Sorcery section.

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