Ancient Chronicles: new cycle for Sword & Sorcery game.

The Kickstarter campaign to fund Ancient Chronicles, the second season of Sword & Sorcery game, ended last night, November, 21th, with $684,185 pledged (456% funded) and 5,275 backers. With this result, the project becomes Ares Games' most successful on Kickstarter, surpassing the previous Sword & Sorcery campaign, Immortal Souls, that achieved a funding of $517,622 in November 2015.

Ancient Chronicles was launched on Kickstarter on November 5th, with an ambitious funding goal of $150,000, reached in only 5 hours. In its 17 days, the project unlocked 57 stretch and social goals, adding new contents to the game - the final Kickstarter rewards will include 123 figures, 460 cards, 34 Map Tiles and 18 Quests.

Ancient Chronicles: final rewards include over 120 miniatures and lots of contents.

In the final hour, the last stretch goal was achieved unlocking the master enemy Undead Wyrm, Great Nidhoggr, and at Midnight, a final reward for backers' efforts was revealed - the Treasure Chest, a special bonus box, to fit all the Kickstarter extra content which is not "Act I" or "Act II", and all the add-ons, and a set of 6 Tuck Boxes to allow players to "save their game" and be ready for the next session, putting the Soul Gem and the cards for the Hero in a box and being ready for the next battle.

Ares Games thanks all backers for their support to Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles project on Kickstarter!

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