The crowdfunding campaign to fund Ancient Chronicles, a completely new cycle for the Sword & Sorcery game, entered in its 5th day with over $300,000 pledged (200% of the funding goal), more than 2700 backers and 18 stretch goals unlocked. At this point, new contents has been added to the game, and Kickstarter rewards includes 86 figures, 363 cards, 20 Map Tiles and 11 Quests.

Heroes Nemesis: a new feature coming in Ancient Chronicles as Stretch Goal.

Ancient Chronicles project on Kickstarter presents a main pledge level called Legendary Hero, with a pledge of $120 and offering as rewards the Kickstarter Edition of Ancient Chronicles, the Kickstarter Bonus Set, the Challenge Set and all unlocked stretch goals. After the funding goal of $ 150,000 was achieved, the amount and value of rewards increased a lot: more than 30 bonus figures and new elements like Guilds, Allies and Familiars. A new goal is close to be unlocked: at $320,000 pledged, the Heroes' Nemesis will be added to the rewards - enemies who are the dark side of Heroes, with skills and powers to match them.

For more information about the campaign and to pledge, visit the Sword & Sorcery - Ancient Chronicles project on Kickstarter, and follow the Sword & Sorcery page on Facebook. To learn more about the game, visit the website – and the game’s section here on our website.

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