The crowdfunding campaign to fund Ancient Chronicles, a completely new cycle for the Sword & Sorcery game, launched today on Kickstarter, with an initial funding goal of $150,000. The campaign will run until November 21th, at 3 am CEST (1 am UTC/GMT).

Designed by Gremlin Project (Galaxy Defenders, Sword & Sorcery: Immortal Souls) and manufactured and distributed by Ares Games (Wings of Glory, Sails of Glory, War of the Ring, Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles), Ancient Chronicles will bring the Sword & Sorcery game, acclaimed by many as the best cooperative dungeon-crawler on the market, to a new level, introducing features to enhance the storytelling and broaden the scope of the adventures, a greater variety of enemies, and more possibilities for Heroes.

Ancient Chronicles: a new cycle for Sword & Sorcery game, now on Kickstarter.

“Ancient Chronicles” will be a new starting point to the game, suitable both for newcomers and for players who are already playing the Immortal Souls campaign, allowing them to enter the world of Sword & Sorcery again, in a campaign set in the distant past of the events narrated in the previous campaign. The new cycle will be fully compatible with “Immortal Souls” in terms of gameplay, allowing to crossover heroes and monsters from one campaign to another.

Pledge Level and Rewards

The Sword and Sorcery Ancient Chronicles Kickstarter project presents a main pledge level called Legendary Hero. The pledge is $120, and its rewards include the Kickstarter Edition of Ancient Chronicles, the Kickstarter Bonus Set, and the Challenge Set.

The Kickstarter edition will include the contents of the retail edition (26 detailed 32mm miniatures, a rulebook, a storybook, 15 map tiles, site sheets, soul gems, 8 custom ten-sided dice, over 180 cards, and 150 tokens) and will be enhanced by unique content and all unlocked Stretch Goals along the KS campaign.

The Kickstarter Bonus Set will feature beautiful accessories and figures to improve the game experience, as the Elf Knight on Foot figure, 10 Venon minions, 2 God Altars, Deluxe Hero Sheets, Extra Dice Set, Card Holder, and Critical Hit Bag.

The Challenge Set introduces 16 additional monster figures, and will allow players to choose the level of challenge by replacing enemies with two variants of figures, enemy scrolls and enemy cards.

The KS Edition will be further improved with additional items, depending on the stretch goals achieved as the project develops. The first stretch goal, at $ 160,000, is a companion figure, Dharma the White Tiger.

In addition to fund-based stretch goals, the campaign will also have Social Stretch Goals related to the support of the campaign in social media – "Likes" and "Shares": Sword & Sorcery Official Facebook Page, BoardGameGeek Fans at BGG S&S Ancient Chronicles Page, and membership at Sword & Sorcery Official FB Group.

The campaign also includes Add-Ons, presenting a selection of items than can be optionally added to the rewards (not included in the Legendary Hero rewards) and Retail Options, items released as a part of the previous KS campaign and/or currently available at your favorite local or online store, identified by a Copper sigil.

Sword & Sorcery - Ancient Chronicles is expected to ship to backers in December 2019, from Ares’ main warehouse in the USA and from secondary warehouses in Australia, Canada, Germany and Hong Kong, with no customs charges applying to backers in Australia, Canada, European Union, Hong Kong and USA.

For more information and to pledge, visit the Sword & Sorcery - Ancient Chronicles project on Kickstarter, and follow the Sword & Sorcery page on Facebook. To learn more about the game, visit the website – and the game’s section here on our website.

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