The new version of the Companion App for Sword & Sorcery is now available on iTunes and Google Play. It includes all the components and cards from the "wave 2" of Sword & Sorcery, so it can now track the progress of any characters until the very end of the campaign.

The S&S Companion App assists players during the entire Sword & Sorcery saga, handling their parties and the soulrank enhancements of each hero. It can also be used to keep track of all Powers and Items acquired, in addition to the outcome of each quest of the campaign.

Ares and Gremlin Project also invite players to download the Quest Editor, a software tool to create new quests for Sword & Sorcery. A "beta 2.0" release for the Quest Editor is now available for Windows and Mac, and can be downloaded from Sword & Sorcery website.

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