The epic campaign started in Sword & Sorcery — Immortal Souls continues with Arcane Portal, the long-awaited first big expansion for the game.

Arcane Portal introduces new maps, treasures, monsters, Event and Emporium cards, in addition to four new adventures, significantly longer than Core Set ones, increasing the epic level of the challenges for Heroes. The players can go on or start again a new campaign of Act I (2-4 Level) and collecting treasures and Soul Points in this way, in view of the forthcoming Act 2: Sword & Sorcery – Darkness Fall.

Arcane Portal expansion continues the campaign started in Sword & Sorcery - Immortal Souls.

With this new set, every mission can be played as a stand-alone, and combined with the first Hero Packs released, Onamor and Victoria,designed just for this new struggle against the evil forces.

The Heroes will be launched in a new challenge where demons and sorcerers give tactical weight to the challenges. The new monsters have been designed by Gremlin Project to act in synergy and to make even more difficult reaching victory.

The Efreets, fire demons, will tire out the heroes both in attack and in defense, throwing flames and burning everything they find in their path.

The Nightwalkers, infernal spectra, will act to protect and heal their monsters, but even during duels they are fearsome thanks to their resistance and to their capacity to attack piercing every kind of armor.

Behind these demons, the Cultists will be the real nemesis of our Heroes: evoking and activating the hellish creatures, but if they are hard-pressed they will still be able to attack with powerful spells.

But the strength of these monsters is nothing compared to the Hellspawn power: this flame and smoke horror has been evoked to burn Talon and players must use their strategical abilities to defeat this hell that flies and walk, avoiding his flaming weapons that give no rest.

Luckily new Treasures and Emporium cards will help players to win this ever more hard challenge. It’s possible to add new treasures and emporium cards to the core set decks, enriching and completing the game experience.

But nothing is predictable, every mission is made even more uncertain, mixed and difficult by the Book of Secrets. The Heroes choices, and their alignment, will make unique the adventures development, making the expansion even more playable.

A view of the components featured in Arcane Portal.

At the end of every mission, great parts of the map will remain unexplored or hidden in the Book of Secrets, and it will not only be important to win the challenges, but also what Heroes have done will greatly influence the following adventures and encounters. The Arcane Portal missions come one after the other and their length and difficulty will leave the Heroes breathless. They will have to wisely use their powers and objects to arrive in forces till the epic ending.

Sword & Sorcery – Arcane Portal comes out together with two new Hero Packs, introducing four new classes that can be used in all the adventures of Act I and II and that are surely perfect to fight the demon hordes of the campaign expansion. Ryld, is the son of a human and an elf. As Bard with a magic voice, he charms his opponents and gives courage and strength to the party. As Blademaster, he is a highly skilled swordsman and becomes a deathly threat to every opponent. Morrigan can be a Demon Huntress, master in the use of whip, or a Witch Huntress armed with a crossbow. Her weapons and her abilities are at the party service to defeat the hordes of supernatural creatures.

The Arcane Portal expansion, with the new heroes, give a proper conclusion to Act I, in the waiting to drive your Heroes to Act II, to face even more hard and dark challenges…

Arcane Portal and Ryld and Morrigan Hero Packs debut at Origins Game Fair (Ares' booth - A503), and must start to hit the stores in late June.

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