The Cardboard Republic announced on Friday, March 23rd, This War of Mine: the Board Game, tabletop adaptation of the gripping survival video game from 11 bit studios, as the winner in the Immersionist Category of its "Laurels of the Republic". This annual prize highlights and rewards some of the best games of the last year in six categories: Architects, Tacticians, Socializers, Daredevils, Immersionist and Strikers.

Winning Laurels of Republic, The Cardboard Republic's Award.

Winning Laurels of Republic, The Cardboard Republic's Award.

The Laurels nominees are broken down not among traditional categories or The Cardboard Republic personal preferences, but rather baased on six "archetypes". Each of them relates to a different "philosophy" of what gamers prefer in their gaming experiences, celebrating the diversity of playing styles within the board gaming hobby. The 2017 Laurels nominees - five games in each category - were announced on February, 15th.

On March 23rd. This War of Mine: The Board Game was announed the winner in the Immersionist category. According The Cardboard Republic: "There are few games that tackle such real world issues, and even fewer that do it in a manner that’s both laudable, deep, and thoroughly entertaining (at least in small doses). This War of Mine illustrates with a rich but serious candor that war is indeed Hell. Expanding upon the video game, This War of Mine is an incredibly thematic experience full of eye-opening and gut-wrenching situations where there often isn’t an ideal solution. Your group must do what it takes to not only survive but to do it in a way that leaves your humanity intact. For Immersionists, there simply was no better example in 2017 of how much game’s theme can truly matter when done correctly, leaving little doubt why This War of Mine has easily and rightfully earned this group’s Laurel."

The other four games awarded in this category were "7th Continent", "Fog of Love", "Near and Far", and "Nemo's War", plus a Honorable Mention to "Mountains of Madness". To read the original announcement, see the article on The Cardgame Republic.

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