If you are a Sword & Sorcery player and you are going to attend the Essen Spiel 2017, you will have the chance to play with the game designers, Nunzio Surace and Simone Romano, at the Ares Games’ booth in Hall 3!

There will be two sessions - each one limited to a maximum of 5 players - on Thursday, October 26th, and Friday, 27th, at 3pm.

On Thursday, the players will challenge the Hellspawn in the “Arcane Portal” event. On Friday, they will challenge Vastaryous, the five-headed dragon.

The game will be played with ready-to-play characters, in English version. To take part to the Sword & Sorcery “Play with the Designers” sessions, it’s necessary to be already familiar with the game and its rules. If you match this profile and attend the Essen Spiel, come to Ares’ booth (Hall 3 E-100) early in the same day, from 10am, to reserve a seat.

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