Sword & Sorcery – Immortal Souls launched this Summer – first shipping to almost 5000 Kickstarter backers, then to stores.

We received the first printing in July – and it immediately sold out. But we were wise enough (strange, but true!) to already have a second printing prepared, to ship together with the translated versions (German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) in August.

We received this second printing at the end of September, just a few days ago – and again, it immediately sold out. This time, we have been taken a little off-guard. We really expected the two printings to be enough to have the game in stock until the end of the year – but apparently, you love this game too much!

Onamor Hero Pack: a new character coming in Sword & Sorcery.

Onamor Hero Pack: a new character coming in Sword & Sorcery.

If you don’t’ own a copy yet, and you want one, do not despair, and don’t pay crazy prices for it on E-bay: we plan to have the third printing in our warehouse in January.

If you have a copy, and you started playing the campaign, you are probably wondering “what’s next?” And here we are to answer the question.

In Sword & Sorcery, the flow of an adventure may change a lot depending on the characters you are playing with. For this reason, many new Heroes, each with unique abilities and gameplay, have already been developed by the design studio, Gremlin Project, and they were released as part of the Kickstarter rewards. The first of those heroes will soon be in stores – the first expansions we release for the game focus on two of them, the Necromancer/Summoner Onamor, and the Pirate/Sea Captain Victoria Kromi.

Each Hero Pack will feature two figures of each Hero (the “normal” version of the Hero, and his/her Ghost Form, replacing the figure when the Hero is eliminated – there is no “player elimination” in Sword & Sorcery), as well as everything else necessary to play the character – Companion figures (for Onamor’s summoned creatures), Soul Gem, Hero Sheet, cards and rules.

Victoria Hero Pack: a new character in S&S.

Victoria Hero Pack: a new character in S&S.

These Hero Packs are only the beginning of a great 2018 for Sword & Sorcery. The wealth of material developed by Gremlin Project is shipping in two waves in the Kickstarter campaign (“Wave 2” of the campaign is due to ship to backers shortly), and will roll out to retail stores all around the world in the course of the next year.

First, we will release – in Spring 2018 - the first new campaign set, Arcane Portal. Arcane Portal is a “side quest” – it fits in-between the two main “Acts” of the campaign, “Immortal Souls” and “Darkness Falls". This expansion adds to the game new quests - centered around evil sorcerers and other-worldly creatures such as Efreets and Nightstalkers - and a monstrous final demonic opponent, the Hellspawn.

At the same time, we will also release new Hero packs – the blademaster Ryld and the monster hunter, Morrigan – and the “Ghost Souls” accessory pack, featuring alternate color figures to use as “Ghost Soul Form” in the game, together with background cards.

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