Ares Games is glad to announce that four games will be published in new foreign languages in the second half of 2017, thanks to our international publishing partners: Dungeon Time, Sword & Sorcery, War of the Ring Second Edition and Warriors of Middle-earth (the second expansion for WotR 2nd Edition).

Dungeon Time will be released in Spanish, by Last Level Distribuciones, in Russian, by Evrikus, and in German, by Asmodée GmbH.

Sword & Sorcery, after the release of the English edition in July, will become available by next Autumn also in Italian (Devir Italia), Portuguese (Devir Livraria), Spanish (Devir Iberia), and German (Asmodée GmbH).

The War of the Ring line also grows: the new international editions include the Russian version of the base game, War of the Ring Second Edition, to be published by Gaga Games, and the Chinese edition of the Warriors of Middle-earth expansion, by Planplay.

For information about the release dates of these editions, players are invited to visit the publishers' websites and contact them directly.

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