HMS Bellona

Sails of Glory - HMS Bellona

On november, 1st, during the press conference held by Ares Games at the Lucca Comics & Games show, some preliminary information about the upcoming Sails of Glory was presented to the audience.

Two images have been shown - the first one is the unpainted prototype of the British ship H.M.S. Bellona, the second one shows some prototype cards and the damage/stats information of another British ship, H.M.S. Britannia.

While the first image shows an unpainted prototype, in Sails of Glory the ships (in 1:1200 scale) will be sold as assembled and painted models, ready to play, each with a special base containing the game information for the ship.

Sails of Glory - Prototype Preview

Sails of Glory - Prototype Preview

From the second image, several different gameplay elements emerge: the movement of the ship is affected by the angle of the wind to the ship, and the sails also influence the way the ship moves. Both the effect of the wind and the effect of the sails (only used with the Advanced rules) are summarized on the maneuver cards, to make gameplay simple and fast just like it is in Wings of Glory.

The damage/stats information shows clearly that, as the ship takes damage, it loses efficacy in its gunnery and its crew. Other game elements which appear in the cards have not been explained yet.

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