A view of the Ares Games booth ready to start a new day at Spiel.

A view of the Ares Games booth ready to start a new day at Spiel.

Ares Games attended the Essen Spiel 2016 (October 13-16) with a 50% larger booth than in 2015, and plenty of new games to try, including previews of Sword & Sorcery, and also a showcase of several upcoming games. Visitors had the chance to take a first look to the card game Dungeon Time, expected to ship in December 2016, and others coming next year, including the betting and racing game Divinity Derby, the party/family game Quickpick - Mutant Dinosaur Park, the next game in the War of the Ring line, The Hunt for the Ring, and the new WW2 Wings of Glory Starter Set, Battle of Britain.

During four days, the demo tables were always full, with lots of people playing several games - Last Friday, Behind the Throne, Odyssey - The Wrath of Poseidon, Sails of Glory, Wings of Glory. There were queues for trying Last Friday, and the game was sold out in the second day of the show. Warriors of Middle-earth also ran out, and the last copies were sold the third day.

See below the gallery of the new and upcoming games at the Spiel 2016 (click to enlarge), and stay tuned for more information about the games unveiled at the show!

Ares Games thanks all players who came to our booth and played our games, and the fantastic crew who demoed the games.

Last Friday: sold out in two days.
Warriors of Middle-earth, the new War of the Ring expansion.
The new ships arriving at Sails of Glory.
Preview demo session of Sword & Sorcery
Demos at the booth: Behind the Throne
Demos at the booth: Odyssey - The Wrath of Poseidon.
Demos at the booth: Wings of Glory
Dungeon Time, coming in December.
Coming in 2017: WW2 Wings of Glory - Battle of Britain
Coming in 2017: Quickpick - Mutant Dinosaur Park.
Coming in 2017: Divinity Derby.
Coming in 2017: The Hunt for the Ring.

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