November, Friday the 18th, is the perfect night for teenage camp counselors and maniacs to come out of the shadows and test their fate at Camp Apache! Ares Games is inviting game stores in US to host demo events of the anticipated survival horror game Last Friday.

Stores running the event will receive a limited quantity of "Buby" promo character cards to distribute to participating players, with the distribution policy determined by the store itself. The event will be held from 11-18-2016 to 11-20-2016.

Due to unforeseen issues with the manufacturing facility where Last Friday is produced, the product has been delayed from its initial forecast of the release date, and will be in distribution in November. Retailers interested on hosting the demo event may contact Isabella Long, convention and retail coordinator of Ares Games, before November 4th.

If you are a retailer, don't miss the chance of launching Last Friday in your store! If you are a player, stay tuned for the list of stores to find the nearest one where to try the game!

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