Ares Games will host 12 events at Gen Con Indy 2016 (August 4-7, Indianapolis) for Galaxy Defenders, Sails of Glory and WW1 and WW2 Wings of Glory, and players attending the show are invited to get the tickets soon - two events are already sold out.

Two of the three events of Galaxy Defenders are still open, on Thursday, 4th, at 13:00, and on Saturday, 5th, at 10:00. GMs will run the aliens, so players can focus on pure anti-alien strategy. Prizes will be awarded for completing the mission. Tickets cost $2.

Wings of Glory game at Gen Con 2015.

Wings of Glory game at Gen Con 2015.

For Sails of Glory one of the three events is already sold out, but there are a few tickets left for sessions on Friday, at 10:00, and Saturday, at 13:00. Players will receive a frigate to keep as part of the entry ($12), and there will be prizes for the highest number of enemy kills. If the player sinks, he can re-enter the next turn.

Classic dogfights for Wings of Glory WW1 and WW2 will be held. The entry costs $12 and includes a plane. Prizes for whose who rack up the highest number of enemy kills will be awarded. If shot down, players can take to the skies again on next turn. WW1 events are scheduled for Thursday, 04/08 at 10:00, Friday, 05/08 at 13:00, and Saturday, 06/08 at 16:00. WW2 dogfights will be on Thursday at 13:00, Friday at 16:00, and Saturday at 10:00.

For more information about these events, click here - the registration in the Gen Con website is needed.

Visit Ares Games at Gen Con 2016, booth 141, for demos and to see the new games releasing or pre-releasing at the show - more information will follow soon!

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