Adventures in Hyboria”, the expansion for the Age of Conan Strategy Board Game, is coming this Spring. Designed to improve and expand the role of Conan in the game, the expansion was launched with a Kickstarter campaign, and a series of Designers' Notes articles were published at the time. Now, the project is in its homestretch to release, and it's a good time to take a closer look to some components, starting with the Conan Reference Board.

The Conan Reference Board - AKA "the tryptich" - will have the same width as the game board (50 cm), to fit alongside it on one of the short sides. It is also printed on the same cardboard quality as the game board, to match it perfectly, and folded in two parts in the expansion box. The board packs a lot of information inside its rich graphic design. Let's take a look:

Adventures in Hyboria:  Conan Reference Board - The trypitch

Adventures in Hyboria: Conan Reference Board - The trypitch

  • The board allows to follow Conan's career from his beginnings as a Warrior, to General and King.
  • The track at the bottom is divided into three parts. When Conan progresses from one "level" to the next, the track shows the shape of the new Conan figure to use. At the top, there are the new mood wheel, Conan's stats, and the specific Conan die to use (white, gray, black).
  • The Conan dice sit in the middle of the appropriate mood wheels until they are going to be used.
  • When Conan has grown in importance so much that he can be crowned as King of a Hyborian kingdom, the track shows the Empire point symbol. After that point, individual circles on the track show the variable Empire point bonus the player get when he crowns Conan as a King.
  • The board is designed so that player will use the "Obelisk" figure on the track, and the Conan miniature on the mood wheel. A new copy of these two figures, in gold colored plastic, is included in the expansion set.
  • The next components preview will present two of the new card types included in the Adventures in Hyboria expansion - Companions and Legendary Items. Stay tuned!

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