The Sword & Sorcery campaign on Kickstarter is legend! The campaign ended last night and it became the most successful Ares Games project on the crowdfunding platform, and also the most funded Kickstarter ever created by an Italian company. The numbers are impressive: $517,622 pledged (690% funded), 3745 backers, 42 stretch goals achieved.

Sword and Sorcery campaign on Kickstarter: all stretch goals unlocked.

Sword and Sorcery campaign on Kickstarter: all stretch goals unlocked.

The campaign was launched on Kickstarter on October, 15th, reaching the initial funding goal of $ 75,000 in less than 90 minutes. The funding continued to raise steadily during the four weeks of the campaign, unlocking stretch goals and adding new contents to the game on a daily basis, and the final stretch was especially exciting, with almost $60,000 pledged and 262 new backers in the final day.

The success of the campaign is also visible in the huge participation of backers: more than 7,000 comments, 1280 in the final day! Backers also provided great feedback about the game, and the Kickstarter campaign built a strong base for the Sword & Sorcery game community.

The backers, as well as anybody interested in the game, are invited to follow the Sword & Sorcery Facebook page, the Sword & Sorcery section in Ares Games website, and the dedicated website, to remain up to date about the game news.

Late backers will have a chance to join the campaign using the Pledge Manager, scheduled to start on December, 13th.

A big "thank you" to all backers for their support from Ares Games and Gremlin Project!

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