The Sword & Sorcery campaign on Kickstarter is coming to an end today, and with 40 stretch goals already unlocked, let’s take a quick look at the rewards backers will get in the “Legendary Hero” and in an the “Immortal Hero” pledge levels.

Legendary Hero

Legendary Hero rewards include 71 miniatures (or 72, if the final stretch goal will be unlocked), each with a different pose, and 18 Quests (Act 1, Act 2, side quest “Arcane Quest”). The contents list includes:

Legendary Hero rewards.

Legendary Hero rewards.

  • The retail version of Sword & Sorcery Core Set, with 7 quests (Act 1), dice, tokens, cards, and 28 different miniatures: 5 Heroes, the Wolf pet, enemies (“Gremlin”, “Raider”, “Orc Warrior”, “Orc Shaman”) and 2 Master Enemies (“Orc King”, and “Troll”). The game box is a larger, KS exclusive box with a different cover; the Heroes’ sheets will be the deluxe version, there will be a cardholder for the game cards (that will support protective sleeves), and a “S&S” cloth bag for the Crit tokens.
  • 6 additional heroes: one exclusive, the Standard-bearer/Warlord “Tristan”, and 5 other Heroes: 1 dwarf Berserker/Slayer, 1 Blademaster/Bard, 1 Demon/Witch Huntress, 1 Barbarian/Dreadlord, and the Captain/Pirate Victoria Kromi; each new hero will include his own hero sheet, soul gem and 15 Item & Power cards.
  • a complete "Act 2" campaign, Darkness Falls, with 7 new quests. Act 2 includes new Power and Item cards to help Heroes against these new threats, and other 22 figures: Lycanthropy Curse Hero miniature, and miniatures for the enemies “Rising Skeleton”, “Death Knight”, “Werewolf”, and “Succubus”; plus the miniatures for the Master Enemies “Count Dalv” and “Undead Lord”.
  • A Side Campaign - "Arcane Quest", to be played between Act 1 and Act 2, using 15 additional enemy miniatures: “Demonologist”, “Efreet”, and “NightWalker”; plus – if unlocked during the KS campaign – the “Hellspawn”.
  • New cards: “Blessings”, “Bounties”, “Backgrounds” “Movie-inspired Treasures”, “Backer Ideas”, “GD Aliens”: more than 60 new cards that will help making each quest a new experience every time.
A view of the heroes of Sword & Sorcery project, included in the Immortal Hero pledge level.

A view of the heroes of Sword & Sorcery project, included in the Immortal Hero pledge level.

Immortal Hero

Immortal Hero rewards include all the content of the “Legendary Hero” rewards, plus the “Immortal Bundle”. It is a grand total of 101 miniatures (or 102, if the "Hellspawn" is unlocked), each with a different pose, and 22 quests (Act 1, Act 2, side quest “Arcane Quest” campaign, side quest “Vastaryous Lair” campaign).

To achieve this total, in addition to the Legendary Hero rewards, this pledge level includes:

  • A complete expansion, Vastaryous’s Lair, featuring the huge miniature of Vastaryous (a five-headed dragon), 5 enemy miniatures “Drakonian”; Epic Powers and Epic Items cards for the Heroes; cards for the Orc Tribe of Black Queen Island; a campaign composed 4 Epic side quests (to be played after the Act 2). In total, this expansion presents 6 more miniatures, one of which is really huge.
  • Three new Heroes: the Druid/Shaman “Samyria”, the Necromancer/Summoner “Onamor”, and the Dragonheart/Dragonflame “Volkor”, plus three more miniatures (an "Efreet" and a "Nightwalker", Onamor's conjured creatures; and Samyria's companion bear "Bjorn"). Each new Hero comes with his own hero sheet, soul gem, and 15 Item and Power cards.
  • 4 Door miniatures, 4 Locked Door miniatures, and 4 Chest miniatures.
  • An additional “S&S” cloth bag
  • A complete set of 60 custom metal coins.
  • An additional dice set (4 red custom dice and 4 blue custom dice)
  • A second set of all heroes and pets miniatures, in light blue plastic (18 miniatures).

Hellspam Master Enemy, the final stretch goal of S&S campaign on Kickstarter.

Hellspam Master Enemy, the final stretch goal of S&S campaign on Kickstarter.

We hope this summary can help you to have a good idea of the value of each pledge level - an amazing number of stretch goals were unlocked thanks to our legendary backers in this campaign!

At the moment of writing, we have still some hours to reach $500,000 of funding and unlock the last stretch goal. Don't miss the chance, check out the Sword and Sorcery Kickstarter campaign now, and spread the word. You are Legend!

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