A crew of pirates at Ares Games booth gave welcome to the visitors of Gen Con Indy 2015, presenting the new games Jolly Roger and Co-Mix, released at the show, and many others titles from Ares catalog: Galaxy Defenders and its new expansions, War of the Ring line, Sails of Glory, WW1 and WW2 Wings of Glory, Inkognito, Dino Race and Micro Monsters were demoed in the four days of the show.

Ares also took to Gen Con 2015 previews of two upcoming games: a new Odyssey - The Wrath of Poseidon pre-prodution version, and figures of Age of Conan - Adventures in Hyboria, as well the first miniatures of the just announced Sword and Sorcery - which will be launched on Kickstarter in September.

On Friday, July 31st, a new world record of most players in a Sails of Glory game was set, with 79 people playing together, overcoming the 53 players mark at GenCon 2014. The record-breaker attempt for Wings of Glory, however, was not beaten. The event gathered almost 50 players, and the largest Wings of Glory game remained the big battle in Florence, Italy, with 100 people fought on a long table along the Arno river, in September 2013.

Ares Games thanks everyone who visited our booth during Gen Con 2015 and the great crew who worked hard these four days to welcome the public and demo our games at the show. See more of the show in the pictures below (click to enlarge). Next stop: Essen Spiel 2015!

Ares Games' booth at Gen Con Indy 2015
Demos running at Ares' booth
Dino Race demo at Gen Con 2015
A view of the demo area at Ares' booth
Preview of Odyssey - The Wrath of Poseidon
Age of Conan - Adventures in Hyboria figures
Sails of Glory big battle: new record of  79 players in a game
The big game of Sail of Glory at Gen Con 2015
Almost 50 players took part to the WW1 Wings of Glory big game
Pilots in action at Wings of Glory game

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