Macchi M.5, one of the four new fighter arriving in WW1 Wings of Glory.

Macchi M.5, one of the new fighters.

The new WW1 Wings of Glory Airplane Packs featuring the Fokker E.V, Nieuport Ni.28, Macchi M.5 and Hannover CL.IIIa are shipping to distributors and will hit the stores this week in North America. In the coming weeks, they will be available in other regions.

Each airplane is presented in three different versions: Fokker E.V (Erich Lowenhardt, Theodor Osterkamp and Karl Sharon), Nieuport Ni.28 (Ralph A. O’Neil, Harold E. Hartney and Edward Rickenbacker), Macchi M.5 (Domenico Arcidiacono, Willis B. Haviland and Friedrich Welker) and Hannover CL.IIIa (Rudolf Hager/Otto Weber, Johan Baur/Georg von Hengel and Luftstreitkräfte).

Following these new WW1 Wings of Glory releases, our next releases will be in the Sail of Glory line: the long awaited Special Ship Packs HMS Victory and USS Constitution. These packs are shipping now to the Kickstarter backers and by early May they are expected to be available in stores.

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