The Wings of Glory - Giants of the Sky contest on BGG ended on March 29th with 3,482 entrants. The grand prize for the six winners are a product bundle including all needed to start playing, plus one of the huge bombers Handley-Page O/400 and Zeppelin Staaken R.VI, or alternatively, both bomber models.

Here's the list of the winners in the BGG contest:

  • Anatinus / Anatinus (United States)
  • Chirs Harvey / charvey (United Kingdom)
  • Tim brown / Tim in Saskatoon (Canada)
  • Alber Amado / Alberamado (Turkey)
  • Rasmus Larsson / RaxZ (Sweeden)
  • Nuno Silva / nunovix (Portugal)
  • Ares Games thanks all the players who took part in the contest and congratulates the winners. To see the BGG announcement, click here.

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