Four new Sails of Glory Ship Packs - featuring the two first Spanish vessels in the game, and two new English ships - are now shipping to distributors and will hit the shelves in North American stores on February 9th. They are expected to be available in Europe and other regions in the following weeks.

The four Ship Packs present new ships in the classes featured in the first wave of releases: 32-guns Concorde Class frigates, 74-guns Temeraire class ships-of-the-line, 32-guns Amazon Class frigates and 74-guns Bellona/Elisabeth Class ships-of-the-line.

The first Spanish ships are the Concorde Class frigate "Sirena 1793" and the Temeraire class "Argonauta 1806". The new packs also present two new British ships - the Amazon class frigate "HMS Orpheus 1780" and the Edgar class ship of the line "HMS Zealous 1785". Each pack includes, in addition to the pre-painted and assembled ship model, special base with gaming stats, a ship log and a specific deck of maneuver cards. The ship base, ship card and ship log are printed on two sides, with the game data of a second ship of the same class and nationality printed on the back.

Besides the new ships release, all first wave Ship Packs were reprinted, together with the Sails of Glory Starter Set.

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