The new WW1 Airplane Packs featuring the fighters Fokker D.VII and Sopwith Snipe and the scout Airco DH.4 hit the shelves in North America today, August 4th. In Europe and other regions, the new items are expected to be in stores in the coming weeks. Three new Airplane Packs with the Roland C.II will be in distribution at the end of the month.

The new Airplane Packs bring to WW1 Wings of Glory game 9 new aircrafts: the Fokker D.VII of Goering, Sachsenberg and Stark; the Sopwith Snipe of Barker, Kazakov and Sapozhnikov; and the AirCo DH.4, of 50th Squadron AEF, Cotton/Betts and Bartlett/Naylor.

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