Good news for Sails of Glory and Galaxy Defenders players who missed the Kickstarter campaigns of these games. Limited copies of two rewards of the KS projects are now available on BGG Store as promo items.

Sails of Glory promo: Captain and Crew Ability Deck

Sails of Glory Captain and Crew Ability Deck

For Sails of Glory, the promo is the Captain and Crew Ability Deck, a deck of 40 cards representing special abilities for captain and crew of the ships. There are 4 each of 10 different cards: 5 captain and 5 crew abilities. This allows players to further differentiate ships within the game. The cost on the BGG store is US$7.50. To see this promo on BGG Store, click here.

Galaxy Defenders: Close Encounter Danger Variant Cards

Galaxy Defenders - Close Encounter Danger Variant Cards

The Galaxy Defenders promo is the deck of Close Encounter Danger Variant Cards. It helps the players to shape the difficulty level of the game to their tastes. Any mission can be customized by simply replacing the standard Close Encounter cards with the Danger variants, making the game more challenging.

The Close Encounter card is drawn on each Alien turn. With the standard Close Encounter cards, if there are no matching aliens on the battlefield, the alien turn typically ends immediately; with the Close Encounter Danger Variant Cards, new aliens are teleported onto the map in this case. The cost of this promo deck on the BGG Store is US$ 5.00 - click here.

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