Ares Games will release this Summer a new boardgame targeted to players of all ages, expanding its Family Games line: it’s Dino Race, a crazy race of dinosaurs running away from a raging volcano and a river of lava, toward safety. A precious dino egg must be carried out – and as precious as it is, it’s quite a burden to carry while running. Fun, simple and fast, Dino Race presents cute painted miniatures of dinosaurs and a captivating artwork.

Dino Race, a new Family Game from Ares.

Dino Race, a new Family Game from Ares.

Designed by Roberto Grasso, a passionate player and collector who debuts as game author, Dino Race includes 8 beautiful figures of pretty dinosaurs (two for each species) and one dino egg, sculpted by Michelangelo Ricci – a sculptor with a great experience of dinosaurs and prehistory, from museum replicas to display resin collections. The modular terrain tiles to form the racing track, the playing cards, the event dice and the markers and counters were illustrated by Francesco Mattioli, the artist who also developed the fun artwork of Micro Monsters, the first title of Ares’ Family Games line.

Dino Race is a game for two to four players. Each player controls a couple of dinos, using cards from his hand to get them to run through plains, swamps, woods and deserts, and to play tricks upon his opponents, and avoiding the nasty tricks of them. A special event die generates random effects, like card draws and the dreaded “Eruption”, to make the race more fun and challenging.

Players must bring their dinosaur duo to the end of the race track, scoring points when one of their dinos finishes the race. They also score points bringing the dino egg to safety. The player with the highest score wins the game.

Dino Race presents also four variants: Survival, suitable for younger players; Longer Race, for a longer and more challenging race; Double Match, to reduce the effect of luck playing two games in a row; and Playing in Teams, where each player controls one dino, allowing up to 8 people to join the game.

Dino Race is scheduled to be released this Summer, in multiple languages.

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