Ares Games announces a partnership with Raven Distribution for the Italian market. Raven will be the distributor of Ares Games in Italy and will also publish the Italian edition of some of the titles published by Ares in English language.

Starting in April, Raven will offer to Italian customers all the products available in the Wings of Glory (WW1 and WW2) and Galaxy Defenders lines, and in May, it will also start to distribute the Sails of Glory line. Some of the new Ares Games releases will be shown at the Raven Distribution's booth during PLAY – The Game Festival 2014 (April 5th-6th), in Modena.

Moreover, this Summer Raven Distribution will distribute “Dino Race” - the new game in the Ares’ Family Games line - and will publish the Italian edition of the eagerly awaited “The Battle of Five Armies”.

"Raven Distribution is a company with a deep knowledge of the Italian market and a special attention, just like Ares, to thematic games. Raven has both publishing experience and the skill to handle miniature games, providing the best combination to distribute our products in Italy”, said Christoph Cianci, CEO of Ares Games.

"This partnership is an important step for the diffusion in Italy of beautiful games created by Italians," said Roberto Petrillo, president of Raven Distribution, "and we are sure that this sinergy is the right key to our country, joining the great experience and editorial skill of the Ares Games’ staff with the capabilities of the longest-lasting Italian distribution company in the hobby games market.”

To know more about and contact Raven Distribution, visit the website

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