• 940x400-ww1_wings_of_glory-WGF301CD_302AB

    WW1 Wings of Glory

    The Giants of the Sky are back!

    The most amazing models created for our WW1 range will be available again next Spring - the Gotha G.Vs, and the Caproni Ca.3s.

    Two new Caproni Ca.3s are going to be released, including the famous airplane co-piloted by Fiorello La Guardia.

    Available soon.

  • 940x400-galaxy_defenders

    They Are Already Here...

    ...and they are not friendly!

    Be the first to fight the Alien invasion! Take control of a team of 1 to 5 elite Agents, each with unique powers, in our new cooperative Sci-Fi boardgame.
    Galaxy Defenders features an innovative A.I. system to control the Invaders, an exciting Rank-Up system, and includes 12 Missions that you can play individually or in Campaign mode.

    Funded with Kickstarter!

    In stores now!

  • 940x400-ww1_wings_of_glory-WGF113-201

    The year is 1917

    World War 1 is growing into the most dramatic conflict in human history. New and more powerful airplanes enter the fray, with an increasing role on the outcome of the war...

    The new Wings of Glory WW1 Airplane Packs introduce the famous SPAD S.VII, the powerful Albatros D.II, and our first two-seaters - the Bristol F.2B and the Halberstadt CL.II. Each pack includes a painted and assembled model, in 1/144 scale, with its special base and maneuver deck.

    In stores now!

  • 940x400-sails_of_glory

    Unfurl the Sails!

    In Sails of Glory you will sail and fight with massive ships-of-the-line or swift frigates, recreating the epic naval battles of the "Age of Sail" at the time of the Napoleonic Wars.

    Fast-playing and easy to learn, Sails of Glory features pre-painted and assembled ship miniatures and an innovative movement system, inspired by our acclaimed Wings of Glory game.

    Funded with Kickstarter!

    In stores now!

  • 940x400-euro_games-AREU002-inkognito

    The Return of a Classic!

    Take the role of a secret agent or the mysterious Ambassador in this classic deduction game set in Venice carnival, in a romantic age of spies, microfilms, hot-air balloons and fast speedboats.

    Will you be able to figure out who your partner is, and exchange with him or her the secret code that reveals your mission? Will you be able to bluff your opponents and hide your identity to prevent them from fulfilling their secret goal?

    In stores now!

  • 940x400-ww2_wings_of_glory-WGS105_WGS108

    The time is 1944...

    As WW2 slides towards its fateful ending, new deadly weapons of war appear in the conflict.
    Take the command of a FW.190D, Spitfire Mk.IX, P-51 Mustang or Ki-84 Hayate in the new WW2 Wings of Glory series.

    These new Airplane Packs use larger size, 63 x 88 mm, maneuver cards, to handle the exceptional speed of these beautiful 1/200, ready to play models, each in 3 different versions.

    In stores now!

  • 940x400-ww1_wings_of_glory-WGF109_112

    WW1 Wings of Glory

    Take the command of a fighter airplane and fly the skies of the "knights of the air", with WW1 Wings of Glory!

    These new Airplane Packs add four new, famous airplanes to the Wings of Glory range - the iconic Sopwith Triplane, the Hanriot HD.1, the Siemens-Schukert D.III and Aviatik D.I. Fight in the seat of the famous aces of World War I, with these complete painted and assembled model in 1/144 scale.

    Available now!

  • 940x400_ww2-wings-of-glory_WGS109_WGS202

    WW2 Wings of Glory

    Take the command of a fighter airplane to duel in the greatest conflict in the history of Mankind, with WW2 Wings of Glory!

    New Airplane Packs will introduce the fighters Gloster Gladiator MK.I, Fiat CR.42 Falco, Bristol Beaufighter and Messerschimitt Bf.110C, each in three different versions, with a ready-to-play model in 1/200 scale.

    Now in stores!

  • 940x400_wings-of-glory_WGA502

    Play on the ultimate Wings of Glory gaming surface!

    The new Wings of Glory® Game Mats are a modular system designed to provide you with the ultimate gaming surface for your aerial battles. Printed in full color on an extra-thick foam covered with special tissue, they can be rolled up for easy storage and stay perfectly flat when opened.

    Join two, four, or even more, Game Mats together to create a larger battlefield.

    Now in stores!

  • 940x400_ww2-wings-of-glory_WGF001X

    Fly the skies in the age of the Knights of the Air!

    Each WW1 Duel Pack includes everything you need to play to start playing Wings of Glory minutes after opening the box: two fully painted models, rules and accessories. Becoming an Ace has never been so easy...

    Combine the two different Duel Packs for additional fun!

    Now in stores!

  • 940x400_ww2-wings-of-glory_WGS002A

    Fight for supremacy in the air!

    The new WW2 Wings of Glory rules pack includes all the rules and accessories you need to start playing with our range of fantastic 1/200, assembled and painted, WW2 airplane models.

    Includes the full rules to play with bombers, heavy fighters, ground troops, and more!

    Now in stores!

  • 940x400_ww1-wings-of-glory_WGF101-104

    WW1 Wings of Glory

    Take the command of a fighter airplane and fly the skies of the "knights of the air", with WW1 Wings of Glory!

    These new Airplane Packs add four iconic airplanes to the Wings of Glory range - the Fokker Dr.I, Spad XIII, Sopwith Camel and Albatros D.Va. Fight in the seat of the Red Baron and other famous aces of World War I, with these complete painted and assembled model in 1/144 scale.

    Now in stores!

  • 940x400-euro_games-AREU001_aztlan

    Conquest and civilization in the mythical homeland of the Aztecs.

    Guide your tribe to build the mightiest empire through the Five Ages, win the favor of the gods, and become the greatest ruler of the land.
    A strategy game of bluff, conquest, and development by Leo Colovini.

    In stores now!

  • 940x400_micro-monsters

    Micro Monsters

    Aim, press, jump! Four armies of alien micro-monsters clash in a challenge to the last jump!

    Close your rival monsters' dimensional gates in an exciting contest of strategy and dexterity among the Autogators, Bigbears, Finbacks, and Turboturtles!

    Now in stores!

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