Wings of Glory aces are called to take part to a big battle on September 22nd, in Florence, Tuscany. During the FirenzeGioca 2013 convention (September 21-22, at Obihall), the game store Mister Neko will promote an attempt to break the world record for the largest Wings of Glory match. A table over 20 meters long will be placed along the famous Arno river, just outside the Obihall, to challenge the record of 92 players in one game.

During Firenze Gioca, a big Wings of Glory match will be hold.

During Firenze Gioca, a big Wings of Glory match will be held.

The first "largest Wings of Glory game" record challenge was attempted on Sunday, May 5th, at the convention "Si Gioca", in Ferrara, Northern Italy, when 80 players took part to a huge WW1 Wings of Glory dogfight. But, the former record of 92 players established on January 24th, 2011, in California (USA), when the game was published under the brand “Wings of War” remained. The big match at FirenzeGioca is intended to break the record of 92 players.

The mega-dogfight will be fought in the afternoon, so people coming from other cities can arrive in time to participate. Players are invited to bring their own miniatures (preferably one for each faction), but a limited number of models will also be available for newcomers who want to join the game.

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