Several Wings of Glory activities were hold at Enfilade 2013. Doug Nolan, one of the game masters of the events, told us about what happened in that weekend in this brief report.

"Enfilade 2013 saw a lot of Wings of Glory action this year. Each play section saw at least one Wings of Glory game taking place. Ares Games donated prize support for the convention consisting of WW1 and WW2 Rules and Accessories Packs and Planes. We also had other items donated for the tournament.

WW1 Wings of Glory tournament in action.

WW1 Wings of Glory tournament in action.

The games started off Friday night with a WW1 'Sink the Emden' scenario hosted by Doug Nolan and played by 7 players. The Allied team was tasked with bombing the cruiser Emden while the Germans defended. The Allied bomber was masterfully flown and launched all 4 bombs on target. Afterwards the teams switched sides to play again, and this time the bomber was destroyed before a single bomb could be dropped. At random a participating player was given a WW1 plane - that player generously donated it to one of the younger flyers taking part in the game.

Saturday morning we held 2 Wings of Glory events. The first was a 'Learn to fly' game hosted by Doug Nolan. The event ran a full two hours, and players played both WW1 and WW2 games. For participating they were given a random prize from the support pool.

At the same time David Mebust hosted "Bomber Sighted", a WW1 scenario, where German fighters sortied to destroy the Allied Bombers. 8 players participated in this event and one of the flyer earned a random plane as a prize.

Saturday afternoon Tony Pflanzer hosted 'Rain Pain on the Train!' In this scenario, Allied bombers need to bomb a German Supply Train, while the Germans defended. 8 players took part in the event and they all had a great time flying. Tony handed out 3 random planes to the participants for taking part in the game.

A group shot of the Aerodrome members that participated in the tournament.

A group shot of the Aerodrome members that participated in the tournament.

Saturday evening held the 4th annual WW1 Wings of Glory tournament. We had 10 players participate this year in a double elimination tournament. After a lot of intense flying Rick Motko ended up winning the tournament which was fitting as he's the one who donated the plane to the younger player earlier in the convention! Each player walked home with a plane and the top 2 earned a Rules and Accessories Pack. The player with the most damage after the first two flights earned himself a copy of "Fly Boys" with the hopes that they'll do better next year after watching it... The player with the least amount of damage earned a really nice WW1 airplane book. Everyone had a great time and it was a good way to close out the Wings of Glory events at the convention.

Participants in the tournament were Pat Stapleton, Tony Pflanzer, Aaron Peterson, Brent Glaspie, Marky Erhardt, Rick Motko, Jim Denberger, Vic Pecka, Stephen Radney-MacFarland and Mike Owen."

Ares Games thanks again Bill Hughes, Doug Nolan and all the supporters who promoted Wings of Glory activities at Enfilade 2013, as well the Wings of Glory Aerodrome member Rick57, who posted on the forum the two pictures shown in this report.

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