At UK Games Expo (May 24-26), many people had the chance to try Sails of Glory at the Wotan Games booth. Laurence O'Brien, director of Wotan Games, tells us about the event in this report.

"The preparations had started months in advance, with the plan to bring Sails of Glory to UK Games Expo. With the successful Kickstarter involving Wotan Games people (among other things, the epic-sounding voice of the Kickstarter video is Laurence's) , it seemed logical to have a table to show it at UKGE.

Beautiful boards were printed and ships and rules packed and hotel bookings made...

The Wotan Games team arrived from Thursday ready for the Friday setup. At UKGE, even on the Thursday evening people had started to arrive and the gaming began early, as did the drinking of beverages!

UK Games Expo: people playing Sails of Glory at the Wotan Games booth.

UK Games Expo: people playing Sails of Glory at the Wotan Games booth.

Friday brought the layout of the stand - the maps got laid out and the rules and ships arrived. As more of the Wotan Games team arrived, we started playing Sails of Glory and experiencing Ares Games' design at its best. What fantastic fun we were having and we had not even shown it yet!!

Early up on Saturday for a full breakfast and get ready at the stand with the game laid out ready to play. The announcement for opening the Trade floors was made, the countdown completed, and in came the attendees. Within one minute our first players where seated at the table and having the rules explained. The action was always four player as we had queues of people wanting to play.

French Versus England an old grudge match, one frigate and ship-of-the-line each. Every game had surprises, quickly learnt from and a withering amount of cannonading and musketry. Miraculous survivals at point blank range, horrendous carnage and shock sinkings and that was just game one.

Players of all ages enjoyed the game.

Players of all ages enjoyed the game.

The day continued with delights, denials and damn fine play. People wanted to buy the game on the spot, wanted to know when it would be out and where can they buy. It was a great first day and lots of Happy round winners and the end of day Champion was drawn.

So Wotan's players rested the evening with a swim and playing Camelot the Build, preparing for a new wave of players.

Day Two, up and a full breakfast ready in the hall for the start. Doors opened and our first game included two players from the previous day. They wanted to have another go, trying to win prizes.

This was a regular occurrence in the day with new people vying for seats with people who wanted a rematch. This day was once again filled all day with people playing. Referees were swapped to rest but the four ships only saw a brief rest as new captains boarded and crews were replaced.

Shouts of victory rang out and even a double French win followed by vigorous singing of 'La Marseillaise'. The return of players and people with Wings of Glory experience brought with them more tactics playing out on the table, an increase in Double Broadsides with continuously withering musketry.

Even the "pirate" Jack Sparrow stopped there to take a look at the game!

Even the "pirate" Jack Sparrow stopped there to take a look at the game!

The trade hall closed at 4pm and when did the last game finish? 4.15pm with all four ships played by one family. A wonderful range of ages in one game, reflecting the nature of the UKGE event.

A wonderful game, universally enjoyed filled with blood, sweat, tears and shouting. A pleasure to run for Wotan Games and a great success for Ares Games.

Vive Le Republic and God Save the King!!"

Ares Games thanks Laurence and all the team of the Wotan Games booth!

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