People attending the UK Games Expo, the UK’s largest Hobby Game Convention, from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th May 2013, will have the chance of trying Sails of Glory. Following the announcement of the partnership for the production of the Wotan Games’ first new title in 20 years - Camelot The Build . Ares Games joined forces with this British company to show their games at UK Games Expo.

In the Wotan Games area (K10 -King’s Suite), Ares Games will have both Wings of Glory and Sails of Glory participation games next to Wotan Games’ Camelot the Build. Players will compete on the Sea and in the Skies to win bragging rights and prizes for who is best over each day of UK Games Expo. Can you be or beat the Red Baron, are you the new Lord Nelson? - Join Ares Games and Wotan Games and put your skills to the test.

During the three days of the convention, there will be demos of the WW1 and WW2 Wings of Glory game, with some of the latest releases available for playing, as well the preview presentation of Sails of Glory with a playable prototype of the game.

Players will also have the chance to see a preview of Camelot the Build, a tile laying game of medieval castle building with all sorts of dubious stratagems, cunning tricks and subtle ploys, designed by Julian Musgrave. The game combines Wotan Games’ traditional theme of the Arthurian legend with easy rules and deep strategy.

UK Games Expo will be held at Hilton Metropole, NEC Birmingham. For more information, check the official website -

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