From May 3rd to 5th, the city of Ferrara (Northern Italy) will host the games convention “Si Gioca”. Among the several activities scheduled, the event will hold the first playable preview of the upcoming game Sails of Glory and the attempt to set the record of “World Largest Wings of Glory” game, as well a WW1 Wings of Glory tournament. One of the authors of both games, Andrea Angiolino, will be there to take part to the event.

The WW1 Wings of Glory tournament will start on Friday, May 3rd, at 3pm, and the finals are scheduled on Saturday, 4th, at 3:30 pm. The same day, at 4:30 pm, there will be a big Sails of Glory game – the first in a convention in Italy. Besides that, Andrea Angiolino and Roberto Di Meglio (Ares Games’ Production and P&D) are invited to a meeting to talk about the theme “Dice, Pawns, Board and Toy Soldiers: To Edit Playing”.

To conclude the event, on Sunday, 5th, at 11:00 am, there will be the attempt to get more than 100 players at the same table to play the world’s biggest Wings of Glory game. The current record is 92 players, and was set on January 24th 2011, in California (USA) - the game was published under the brand Wings of War at that time.

“Si Gioca” convention is promoted by Spigoli & Culture cultural website, in collaboration with Colonne d’Ercole Associazione Culturale and Gilda dei Giocatori Associazione Ludica. More information about the event is available here (in Italian).

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