The German "Society of Historical Conflict Simulations" (GHS) is hosting their yearly gaming event "HexaCon", in Braunfels (about 60 km north of Frankfurt), from May 6th to 12th. Apart from many wargames being played, it has become a tradition at "HexaCon" to host a multiplayer event for Wings of Glory on Friday. This year, the session "Aces High" will be held on May 10th, early afternoon.

The participation with 20+ players has made this event a unique experience (even for people who never played the game, as rules will be explained at the start, in just 10 minutes). With the help of some house rules the gaming experience has been further enriched by secret mission planning, coordination of the different flights and character traits for the pilots.

For more information, visit the GHS homepage (German language skill required) on the general gaming event or contact Martin Schwalbach who will be hosting the Wings of Glory session "Aces High" to pre-register or learn more.

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