The 2012 War of the Ring International Tournament, started on March 17th, ended on September 8th after almost 100 games and with over 50 participants. According to the tournament organizer, Michael Sosa (aka Belisarius88), a double elimination format guaranteed everyone at least two matches with different opponents every two weeks.

The players were a combination of returning veterans such as the 2011 champ, Glenn Stanley (also known as Magic Gecko), the 2011 novice champ, Dan Wiseman (aka Helios) and plenty of new players.

The final four players were Peter Majek (aka Petomajci), Michael Hall (aka Goodgulf the Grey), Jordan Hilton (aka Lykouragh), and Ralf Schemmann (aka Uthoroc). Hilton, a novice ranked player, actually defeated Hall in Round 5 to reach the top of his bracket and face off against Schemmann, who won the game as the Free in 12 turns by dunking the ring with the Fellowship of Gollum and the Ring Bearers revealed and at 9 corruption.

Hilton then had a rematch against Hall, who had just defeated Majek in the loser’s bracket. Hilton’s Free fell short in Mordor, sitting at step 1 and 6 corruption, when Hall’s Shadow captured Erebor for the military win on turn 9. Then it was down to the final two players after several months of gaming - Schemman undefeated at 6-0 v. Hall at 6-1.

2011 WotR Tournament, the victory plaques

Magic Gecko played well, but was unable to reach the finals, falling to Helios in Round 4 and losing by a dice roll an unfinished match with Hall in Round 6. Helios was stopped in Round 5 by Schemmann and eliminated in Round 6 by Majek.

The 2012 champ is Michael Hall with a 8-1 record. Runner up was Ralf Schemmann with a 6-2 record. The best novice player this year was Jordan Hilton at 5-2. Hall and Hilton will both receive victory plaques and free copies of Lords of Middle-earth, the first expansion for the War of the Ring Second Edition, courtesy of Ares Games.

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