People attending the Texicon, in Ft.Worth, Texas, 20-22 July, will have the chance to play Wings of Glory in demo sessions to be hold by Steven Duke with the new WW2 fighters and WW1 bombers.

He will run two games during Friday Session 3 (7-11 pm). In the first mission titled 'Battle of Britain', players will play the conventional battle itself. The 'Battle of Britain' Mission takes approximately 180 minutes. In the remaining time, the second Mission 'Free for All' players will zoom through the skies taking aim at all comers.

On Saturday 21, from 7 to 11 pm, there is the event "Knights of the Air!", with two-three WW1 scenario/missions assigned during the session based on available time.

More details about these sessions can be find at Texicon website, in the Miniatures Events area.

Steven will be also hosting Wings of Glory Sessions at Austin Board Game Bash (3-5 August, Austin, Texas). The first event, "Battle of Britain", will be hold on Saturday, August 4th, at 4 pm. Another one is scheduled at 8 pm, "World War 1 Balloon Busting and Bombers". For more information visit the convention's schedule.

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