The Wings of Glory Aerodrome website and The Buckeye Gamers in Flight promoted several Wings of Glory activities at Origins Games Fair, from May 30th to June 3rd. Here their report of the event.

“The table-top 'skies' of the Origins Games Fair in Columbus, Ohio were full of enthusiastic pilots, young and old, each competing in one of 14 events offered by the Buckeye Gamers in Flight, the official Ohio Squadron of the Wings of Glory Aerodrome website. All in all, spread over three days, 102 players played in 37 hours of Wings of Glory gaming. Players picked up both WW1 and WW1 Wings of Glory very quickly and jumped right into the fun!

Over $700 in prizes were given out during the 14 events, which included four WGS events, Dogfights, Balloon busting missions, Big Bomber missions, Zeppelin Attack missions, both on the ground and in the air, and two large scale tournaments. Prizes were provided courtesy of Ares Games, Game-On Terrain Mats, Aerodrome Accessories, The Soldiery of Columbus Ohio, and the Buckeye Gamers in Flight.

In three days, 102 people played Wings of Glory in 14 events at Origins 2012.

Of interest for the events also was our Guest of Honor, Steve “Guntruck” Flack. Steve joined as part of the Wings of Glory Aerodrome “Lend/Lease” program, where the website raised the funds to fly him over, expenses paid, from Great Britain for the duration of Origins. Steve made an outstanding addition to our convention fun and we hope to see him again.

The Wings of Glory Aerodrome and the Buckeye Gamers in Flight are looking forward to Origins 2013!”

Ares Games thanks the Wings of Glory Aerodrome community and The Buckeye Games in Flight group for their support!

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