The FsF e.V. (Verein zur Forderung spielerischer Freizeitaktivitaten) is hosting its yearly gaming event “AURYN” in Böblingen (about 15 km southwest of Stuttgart) from June 29 th until July 1 st non-stop (yes, you can play all night long, if you want).

Besides various board games, role-playing games, historical tabletop and a big Blood Bowl tournament, there will be a multiplayer scenario of WW1 Wings of Glory on Saturday, June 30th.

Last year, 15 players took part to the Wings of Glory scenario, and this year over 20 pilots are expected to fly various missions on a 6 m² photographic map of the Somme, France. The missions will be played with a slightly altered rules set for extra fireworks and accessibility, which will be explained prior to the game, so everyone will can play.

The scenario will include some of the newest aircraft of WW1 Wings of Glory game, so the players attending to the event can expect to see Heavy Bombers and even some Early Birds. All gaming material will be provided, everyone can drop by and play.

The scenario for up to 24 players will start Saturday, June 30th, at 19:00, and will take about 3 hours to complete.

For more information on AURYN 2012 visit the homepage of the FsF e.V. For any questions concerning the Wings of Glory event, contact Kai Peters (stargaze[at]

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